Sep 25 2009

Microsoft gets into Media Monitoring

Hopefully they'll devote some resources to this ... anyway, read more at:

Jul 16 2009

Most news sites will charge for content in a year?

So says the editor of the Financial Times (see: 

I respectfully disagree ... the news sites already let that genie out of the bottle ... NOW they're trying to charge for content? It won't work. People will either not read the news from the fee based sites or start frequenting the other free sites more often. I've seen it in my business ... people don't want to pay for information, unless you can convince them that you're adding a ton of value to the content.

Should be interesting to watch, but my bet is on free.

Jul 15 2009

Alterian acquires Techrigy

News today that Alterian acquired Techrigy. I'm wondering if we'll begin to see more consolidation, as larger entities gobble up small to midsize companies in this space.

Read the PR at:

Feb 26 2009

Newspapers on the way down ... according to Pew Research Survey

Well, we've all seen this coming, or at least should have ... go to: to read more about the future of newspapers.
Feb 06 2009

Nice Rep/Media Monitoring Server

I'll cover this in-depth at a later time, but wanted to write a quick note about SM2 by Techrigy, a reputation/media monitoring web app. See it at:

Thus far, it compares favorably to many other services.

Dec 31 2008

URLFAN - Ranking engine for blogs and websites

Here's a quick hit for New Year's Eve. Check out URLFan (, a blog search/ranking engine that parses RSS feeds to detirmine the popularity of a website/blog. While not comprehensive, it does a good job at discovering hot trends in the blogsphere ... check out the widget page ( for a list of nifty plugins for your website or blog (see below for an example).

Powered by ://URLFAN


Overall, this is a useful resource; I can see it having functionality for media montitoring, competitor intelligence and reputation monitoring. I'm still wondering how long Google will wait before adding some of these features to their blog search platform ... or at least open up the API to developers (won't be happening soon in my opinion). 

Happy New Year!

Oct 29 2008

Cogito Monitor ... Applying Semantic Search to Buzz Monitoring

Just a quick hit on Cogito Monitor, a product from Expert Systems that uses semantic technology to extract meaning from consumer blogs and other media sources. Check out their sample reports, the technology looks like it would be useful for media and reputation monitoring. I'll probably see if I can get a demo; it will be interesting to learn how their products compares to some of the other solutions in the market.
Oct 23 2008

Track and Analyze News With Silobreaker

Overwhelmed by Google Alerts, or other free online current awareness services? Take a look at Silobreaker (, a service that pulls information from blogs, news, media, fact sheets, reports and other sources, categorizes and visualizes the results to help you better understand your query. Silobreaker allows searching by keywords, and also allows you to narrow down to a specific company query as well. Search results include a map visualizing related terms to your query (image below was a search on Monsanto), plus a sidebar with people, companies, key phrases, organizations, industries, cities and countries related to the query. Quotes and related documents occupy a prominent place on the search results page, allowing you to quickly jump to additional articles. 
Silobreaker also allows you to perform "network search" (identify relationships), "hot spots search" (auto mapping of news results) , "trends search" (chart media attention to a topic) as well as allowing advanced filtering to improve the results of a search.
news monitoring
Overall, I like Silobreaker, It can certainly help anyone needing to monitor companies or industries, and the price is right (free). I'm also interested in some of their upcoming features, including news alerts ... it will be interesting to compare them against Google Alerts for relevancy. 
Oct 17 2008

Online Research, Tech Gloom, Friday Links

Happy Friday to all. Just a few links of interest today while I work on redesigning a directory application I wrote some time ago.

Anyway, while I've been listing a lot of new search startups of late, I haven't paid homage to the pioneers in the search field. So ... here are a few (the "Big Three"):

  • Dialog - Strong tools for business and scientific searching.  
  • Factiva - Good international coverage (mainly Europe, with some Asian sources).
  • LexisNexis - Great source for news monitoring 

Other links:


Oct 16 2008

VideoSurf now live to the public

VideoSurf, a new video search engine is now in "live beta" (does anything ever come off beta these days <G>), and it is worth a look for anyone needing to search publicly available videos on the net. Aside from the abilty to jump into the middle of a video to view a specific scene, which is a time saver, as well as providing valuable video cues as to the content of the video (see below image for an example of the navigation elements).

VideoSurf Video Search Engine

 Relevancy for the sample searches I tried was quite good; company searches retrieved clips about the companies ... VideoSurf will be useful for media monitoring and competitive intelligence. Definitely consider adding VideoSurf to your search toolbox. 

Oct 04 2008

Environmental Scanning ... current awareness by any other name?

Just read Environmental Scanning: A Different Kind of Competency by Lauren Albert in Information Outlook (SLA's journal). The article discusses how to "look for the unexpected" ... having done this for many clients over the years, I was a bit surprised to find that it now has an official designation. 

Oct 02 2008

Me.dium Social Search

OK, so it is still an alpha product ... however, Me.dium still is worth a look for their social search that taps into their main product's data. While it is not comprehensive, it could be another tool for monitoring "buzz" on the internet. Basically your search results are influenced by what people are currently browsing/searching on the internet ... if a topic is popular, it will appear higher in the search results. Read more about the release of this engine at: (Me.dium press release) and search/try the service at: Note that Me.dium also uses Yahoo's BOSS (build your own search service) api for content ... hopefully Yahoo will be able to remain independant of Google so they can continue to provide these tools.
Sep 30 2008

Pixsy, Video and Image Search

I took another brief look at Pixsy today. While I like the search response, and the content sources searched by Pixsy, I'm still not happy with the duplicate videos returned by the system (duplicates of the same video hosted on different systems, or the same videos posted multiple times on a host like YouTube). Test this out by doing a search for a popular company (one that advertises a fair amount) like American Express or Mastercard ... you'll find duplicate videos.

It would be useful for Pixsy to include a checkbox (and yes, I know this would not be a trivial undertaking) allowing the searcher to "opt-out" of the duplicate videos (perhaps also allowing you to set a preferred list of providers). There is much to like about Pixsy, and I'll continue to use them as a source for my video search needs.

More about Pixsy at:



Sep 26 2008

Iterend ... Search Engine for Blogs / Fast Changing Information

Just checked out Iterend (, a new search engine (currently) focussing on Blogs. They're still in private beta, and it looks like their index is not quite that large, but I found what was retrieved by my sample searches to be relevant. They also have the standard tag cloud, as well as categories for the blogs. Of particular interest to reputation and media monitoring companies is the API, which allows you to integrate Iterend's results into a custom application.

If they can make sure their final index is not full of duplicate and spammy entries, they'll have a nice contender for blog search.  

Sep 26 2008

VideoSurf, New Video Search Engine.

VideoSurf, a new video search engine is currently in beta at: .

This site offers many features:

  • Ability to start videos at certain segments
  • Searches multiple video sources (Google, YouTube, MySpace, etc.)
  • Short text description included
  • Ability to run alerts against search strings
This is another site to watch ... video search needs improvement.