Jan 21 2009

Microblog (that means you Twitter) via Twingly

A quick shout out to Twingly ... they just announced the availability of a microblog search engine (http://www.twingly.com/microblogsearch).

This is in addition to their nice blog search engine ... but they'll need to make sure they index as much content as possible if they wish to be relevant to the media monitoring and reputation companies (they'll pay for this service ... individuals won't!). 

Hopefully they'll continue to improve and expand their index ... Google really needs some competition!


Dec 31 2008

URLFAN - Ranking engine for blogs and websites

Here's a quick hit for New Year's Eve. Check out URLFan (http://urlfan.com/), a blog search/ranking engine that parses RSS feeds to detirmine the popularity of a website/blog. While not comprehensive, it does a good job at discovering hot trends in the blogsphere ... check out the widget page (http://urlfan.com/site/widget/810.html) for a list of nifty plugins for your website or blog (see below for an example).

Powered by ://URLFAN


Overall, this is a useful resource; I can see it having functionality for media montitoring, competitor intelligence and reputation monitoring. I'm still wondering how long Google will wait before adding some of these features to their blog search platform ... or at least open up the API to developers (won't be happening soon in my opinion). 

Happy New Year!

Nov 24 2008

Comment SPAM ... look elsewhere please

A quick rant ... comments on the blog (positive, negative, indifferent) are great ... as long as they don't personally attack anyone, I'll generally approve them. But don't think that you can post a brief comment with a link designed to get you referral $$$ and expect them to be approved. Sorry, just isn't going to happen ... host your referral stuff on your own site.
Nov 14 2008

Blog Search ... Use BlogScope to Visualize Results

Check out BlogScope's tools for visualizing content from over 30 million blogs and 520 million posts. The site (http://www.blogscope.net/) currently is in preview/beta release, but has some nice tools allowing you to track the popularity of a search term, as well as running a comparison against two search terms (see below for an example). BlogScope also allows the embedding of their charts in other content ... such as blogs.


Overall, this is a good tool, it will be interesting to see if they develop additional analysis modules, as they could begin competing against some of the larger buzz monitoring outfits.

Oct 20 2008

Google Search Share over 71.6%

According to Hitwise, with Yahoo (18%), MSN (4.2%), Ask (3.6%) bringing up the rear.

Full report is available at: http://www.hitwise.com/datacenter/searchengineanalysis.php.

Sep 26 2008

Iterend ... Search Engine for Blogs / Fast Changing Information

Just checked out Iterend (http://blogs.iterend.com/en/), a new search engine (currently) focussing on Blogs. They're still in private beta, and it looks like their index is not quite that large, but I found what was retrieved by my sample searches to be relevant. They also have the standard tag cloud, as well as categories for the blogs. Of particular interest to reputation and media monitoring companies is the API, which allows you to integrate Iterend's results into a custom application.

If they can make sure their final index is not full of duplicate and spammy entries, they'll have a nice contender for blog search.