Aug 10 2009

Air Force Used Rep. Monitoring

This article ( doesn't specify HOW they did it, but it seems that the U.S. Air Force was using Rep. Monitoring techniques to analyze the buzz from the "Air Force One Photo Shoot Scandal".

Jul 15 2009

Alterian acquires Techrigy

News today that Alterian acquired Techrigy. I'm wondering if we'll begin to see more consolidation, as larger entities gobble up small to midsize companies in this space.

Read the PR at:

Mar 18 2009

Do it yourself Reputation Monitoring

Not everyone needs to spend a six figure expense to monitor reputation.

Marty Weintraub has a nice tutorial up at: ... using free tools from Google and others to monitor info sources. This is nicely done.

While larger companies will want (and need) advanced analytics and filtering options (normalization of source names, for one), this is certainly worth pursuing.


Feb 02 2009

The Front Page Test ... Or, Being Young (and a bit clueless)

Quick hit to Andy Beal's site ... he's commenting on the Michael Phelps unwanted publicity over the weekend.

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Dec 31 2008

URLFAN - Ranking engine for blogs and websites

Here's a quick hit for New Year's Eve. Check out URLFan (, a blog search/ranking engine that parses RSS feeds to detirmine the popularity of a website/blog. While not comprehensive, it does a good job at discovering hot trends in the blogsphere ... check out the widget page ( for a list of nifty plugins for your website or blog (see below for an example).

Powered by ://URLFAN


Overall, this is a useful resource; I can see it having functionality for media montitoring, competitor intelligence and reputation monitoring. I'm still wondering how long Google will wait before adding some of these features to their blog search platform ... or at least open up the API to developers (won't be happening soon in my opinion). 

Happy New Year!

Dec 06 2008

Tracking your individual reputation

The Saturday quick hit is myON-ID people search (, a search engine that mines the web and social networking sites to discover what sites are saying about you. Simply type in your name, and the system searches its index for any mentions (you'll need to try different variations of your name ... Larry, Lawrence ... and I'm not quite sure how it handles all of the "John Smiths" out there) of your name, categorizing the results in tabs (Social Media, Social Networks, Web and Media).

This site is still under development, but it could develop into a nice tool to track individuals and their public profiles on the web. 

Nov 14 2008

Blog Search ... Use BlogScope to Visualize Results

Check out BlogScope's tools for visualizing content from over 30 million blogs and 520 million posts. The site ( currently is in preview/beta release, but has some nice tools allowing you to track the popularity of a search term, as well as running a comparison against two search terms (see below for an example). BlogScope also allows the embedding of their charts in other content ... such as blogs.


Overall, this is a good tool, it will be interesting to see if they develop additional analysis modules, as they could begin competing against some of the larger buzz monitoring outfits.

Oct 29 2008

Cogito Monitor ... Applying Semantic Search to Buzz Monitoring

Just a quick hit on Cogito Monitor, a product from Expert Systems that uses semantic technology to extract meaning from consumer blogs and other media sources. Check out their sample reports, the technology looks like it would be useful for media and reputation monitoring. I'll probably see if I can get a demo; it will be interesting to learn how their products compares to some of the other solutions in the market.
Oct 23 2008

Track and Analyze News With Silobreaker

Overwhelmed by Google Alerts, or other free online current awareness services? Take a look at Silobreaker (, a service that pulls information from blogs, news, media, fact sheets, reports and other sources, categorizes and visualizes the results to help you better understand your query. Silobreaker allows searching by keywords, and also allows you to narrow down to a specific company query as well. Search results include a map visualizing related terms to your query (image below was a search on Monsanto), plus a sidebar with people, companies, key phrases, organizations, industries, cities and countries related to the query. Quotes and related documents occupy a prominent place on the search results page, allowing you to quickly jump to additional articles. 
Silobreaker also allows you to perform "network search" (identify relationships), "hot spots search" (auto mapping of news results) , "trends search" (chart media attention to a topic) as well as allowing advanced filtering to improve the results of a search.
news monitoring
Overall, I like Silobreaker, It can certainly help anyone needing to monitor companies or industries, and the price is right (free). I'm also interested in some of their upcoming features, including news alerts ... it will be interesting to compare them against Google Alerts for relevancy.